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Shades of hearing loss: The key is clarity

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What we call hearing loss isn’t always an overall loss of volume. Some sounds can remain as audible as they always were for those experiencing hearing loss.

The only difference might be that words just don’t sound clear, and that you need to pay more attention in conversations to be able to process everything being said.

Many people with hearing loss find it especially difficult to hear certain sounds because their hearing loss affects a certain range of pitches. In typical hearing loss, softer, higher-pitched sounds become harder to hear, particularly from a distance.

Speech has many quiet, rapidly changing high-pitched sounds. A lot of guesswork may be needed to understand the actual word if some of the speech sounds are not heard clearly. An example is the word “fit,” which can easily be confused with “sit,” “tick” or “sick.” Conversations become more challenging when someone is speaking indirectly, or when there is background noise.

Because people with hearing loss often do fairly well in quiet, face-to-face situations, signs of hearing loss often may not be obvious to the doctor. Only a small percentage of doctors routinely screen for hearing loss. It’s up to you to be alert to the signs and to tell your doctor that your hearing may be changing.

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According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, hearing loss is the third most common health condition among adults. Our experts can help you stay connected and thrive in daily life. Understand where your strengths and areas of weakness lie so you can take steps toward improvement. Learn what to expect on your first visit with our experienced and reliable experts.

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